Resumes are outdated

Stop the search for someone with a CPA or the perfect resume. Hire based on potential We are finance executives who have interviewed hundreds of candidates. Each hire cost thousands of recruiter dollars and took weeks between scanning resumes, technical screenings and behavioral interviews Resumes are too subjective and only shows what the candidate has done, not what they CAN do, which drastically narrows down the pool of candidates The only way to know if the candidate can do the job is to give an assessment BEFORE they are hired but it is extremely manual and time consuming for both the candidate and hiring manager Hence, CFO 180 was created

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Our awesome features

CFO 180 - Full solution

With just sending a link, you will receive a short list of pre-qualified candidates that you can prioritize Spend quality time getting to know the candidate versus trying to assess their technical capabilities Your dashboard will have the stats and work samples for all candidates in one view Each assessment uses real examples from that specific role, not generic or irrelevant questions The questions are not meant to trick the candidate or be overly complicated. The questions assess if the candidate has the basic cognitive and subject matter skills to be successfully trained and learn on the job


Showcase your skills once and for all on your time!

Get a taste of the work

Get an idea for the type of work the role requires BEFORE accepting

Our awesome features
On your time

No need to take time off your current job for another technical interview. You can take the assessment from your home when its convenient for you

Our awesome features
30 min or less

No need to do a 5 hour case study. Our assessments are less than 20 questions and should take no longer than 30 minutes

Our awesome features
Receive a badge for Linkedin!

Stop taking a different assessment for each interview. Prove your skills with one test and showcase your results directly on your LInkedin profile or send to employers (Coming soon)

Our awesome features
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